Migration to Australia

Welcome on Migration-to-Australia.info! Australia is a fantastic place....more 

Australia India Relationship

Bilateral agreements between the Australian and Indian governments and collaboration between educational institutes of both the countries have... [more]

Indian Immigration to Australia

Today, Australia is one of the most preferred destinations to study, work, and finally settle for most immigrants who come from India.  [more]

English Test Australia

Competency in English is a must to immigrate to Australia. There are many English testing examinations that test a visa applicantís fluency in... [more]

Australian Visa English Test

Each year thousands of foreigners apply for an Australian visa to enter Australia. Fluency in English is a must in many cases. [more]

English Learning in Australia

If your ability to communicate in English is not up to the mark to get an Australian visa, donít lose heart. Visitors from non-English speaking... [more]

General Skilled Migration

General Skilled Migration

An amendment has been issued which has been rolled into operation from July 1st, 2012 that ensures strict measures for granting visa to the skilled... [more]


Moving to Australia can be a stressful and needs lots of preparation ... more


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